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How to make a marriage work after separation

Do you know if you don’t act very fast your marriage is about hitting the rock, all the joy and happiness you have had before when the love was strong is now a dream, this is the right time to take the appropriate action in saving your marriage and these guide is all that you need.

No matter how complicated your marriage issue must have been, even if you are threaten with a law suit by your spouse, I tell you, you can still fix that broken marriage, even if you and your spouse have been separated for a very long time.

What you will learn here are great tips from experience of others that have face same situation, even if you have read lots posts yet there is no change, don’t worry, you have come to the right place .

For you to make progress in gain back your marriage on your part you have a greater role to play in making it a reality, irrespective who is faulty, or guilty.

You have to acknowledge that this is your matrimonial home on the verge of divorce it is your duty to do all you can to make it work again.

Before detailing the tips or steps you can take in fixing that broken relationship, here are some vital element that may be the cause for the broken relationship, knowing it could be a road map in resolving the issue. 

Consistent argument 
Constant verb and physical abuse
Lack of communication
Lies and distrust
Marital affairs out marriage union
Lack of physical intimacy
Financial matter 

All of this and many more are some of the contributing factors that can lead to a broken marriage.
Even if your case is not among the list mention above, never mind, you will surely find solutions to yours has you read this article.

Lots of people have asked is it  really possible to make marriage work after both couple have been separated for some thing, the  truth is that  it is possible though not that easy, I have seen so many marriages that have heat the bed rock now blossoming once more again. There are factors that must be in place if you really want your marriage to work after being separated from your spouse for some time.

Significant steps on how to make marriage work after separation
As I said early though it will take something yet it is possible, in a situation whereby both the man and the woman are still in love with one another coming together again is very easy but you must learn to protect your marriage so as to prevent previous issue that lead to your spouse leaving you.

First what ever is the issues that lead to the separation, it should be dealt with for good, this time the couple have to sit down and iron out their difference, mind you such discussion should not lead to another round of arguments and quarreling as this will further worsen the situation.

Show your spouse much love, now that you are back together the only thing that that can keep the marriage strong is love, declare you love, let your spouse know how much you care and love her, spend quality time with her, if possible both of you should take time out and spend it together alone without the interference of a third party.

Effective communication  plays a vital role if you really want to learn how to make your marriage work after separation, you alone should not be the one making all the decision or doing all the talking let your spouse also be part of it. Also do not impose your decision on her specifically in situation where the man is the bread winner of the house, let her have a say in the house, thus where there is good and effective communication in marriage such union will grow stronger irrespective of the previous separation.

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